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Montalay Beach Resort 
Koh Tao, Tanote Bay  (direkt am Strand)
Preise: 33 - 123 Euro  
Schwimmbecken Privatstrand Warmwasser
Internet Restaurant Bar
Kühlschrank (im Raum) TV/UBC (im Raum) Spa
Tauchkurse Schnorchelausrüstung Tee und Kaffe im Zimmer
Telefon im Zimmer Minibar im Zimmer wireless

Montalay Beach Resort is a small to medium size hotel, located on a beautiful private beach called "Tanote Bay". Tanote bay has a pristine sandy beach, nestled between the rugged headlands of the east coast of KohTao. The bay offers spectacular views of nearby Shark Island and Koh Phangan, and vibrant coral reefs dot the clear blue shores. Ideal for families with children or couples to chill and relax.


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Family Tanote Bay 
Koh Tao, Tanote Bay  (direkt am Strand)
Preise: 18 - 90 Euro  
Privatstrand Warmwasser Internet
Restaurant Tauchkurse  
Family Tanote Bay Resort is a well run family resort and is one of several resorts on Tanote Bay, it is situated to the northern part of the beach with great views of the bay and the beach. They have good sized clean bungalows of all styles from basic fan type bungalows to concrete bungalows with air conditioning.
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Diamond Aow Tanote 
Koh Tao, Tanote Bay  (direkt am Strand)
Preise: 13 - 51 Euro  

Diamond Aow Tanote resort is nestled in the most beautiful Tanote Bay on the eastert side of Koh Tao. This is a well run family resort, offering clean bungalows with great views of the bay and the resort, they range from basic fan bungalow to large air-con bungalows.

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